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How foreigners see Romania – episode #2

How foreigners see Romania – episode #2 Héloïse has opened our series of short interviews with foreigners having visited Romania. Today we continue the saga with Mattijs. Interview with Mattijs, native from the Netherlands – episode #2 What was your impression about Bucharest? Mattijs: Bucharest […]

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How foreigners see Romania – episode #1

How foreigners see Romania In July 2015, within the “Lively Romania” project (today available in 3 languages), we’ve started the “I’m Romanian” campaign. Its aim was to promote a positive image of Romania. Throughout the campaign, we highlighted different profiles of Romanian people who are […]

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Open Wishlist for Romania’s future

Open Wishlist for Romania’s future December 1st is a bank holiday in Romania since the Romanian revolution. It is the Romanian national day or the Great Union Day, commemorating the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia* and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918. Fireworks and military […]

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Why I left Romania

Why I left Romania Whether in Romania or in France, where I currently live, people are often curious to know why I left my home country. Especially at such a young age: I was only 18yo when I left Botoşani (Moldova County, northern Romania) to […]

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About hair styling in Romania

About hair styling in Romania Our hair contributes a lot to the first impression one person leaves on other people. Just as the way our face looks, the way we are dressed and our body language. Nonetheless, many people don’t really treasure their hair, even […]

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I’m Romanian – Ștefan Paraschiv

I’m Romanian – Ştefan Paraschiv, law student originary from Constanța Frames I am writing from the cellars of my soul. Where the marginals and the marginalized are banished. Definitely, loneliness is an overwhelming cross. Yet how else to withstand compromise and wasted life lived amid […]

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About femininity and shoes

About femininity and shoes There’s a saying: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” but I have some doubts about this. Please let me explain: I am not saying I disagree with the fact that women love diamonds. Or that they are amazing gifts which suit […]

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From Nepal, a Romanian souvenir

From Nepal, a Romanian souvenir One year and a half after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the country is still under ruins, over four million people still live in shelters and the Government seems to be overwhelmed. Before the earthquake hit, the country was swarmed […]

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Urzeală, an emblematic Romanian streetwear brand

Urzeală, an emblematic Romanian streetwear brand Oana Ivan, the founder of the Romanian streetwear fashion brand Urzeală (= weaving) once said: “From my grandmother I understood that everything we are is strongly connected to our traditions and cultural roots. This is the most valuable thing […]

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Hundred Percent Romanian

Hundred Percent Romanian Lately there have been more and more articles regarding the food we eat. Several case studies pointing at the way foods are processed and the amount of substances that are injected in them in order to stimulate crops growth. More and more videos […]

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Some Romanian proverbs and sayings

Some Romanian proverbs and sayings Although there are proverbs in all languages and cultures and most of them have the same meaning, some translations may sound funny or at least weird. Here is a list of Romanian proverbs which are translated into English word by […]

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A few things Romanian people already know

A few things Romanian people already know Some facts about Romania Probably one of the most used Romanian expression to describe the country is: “Romania is such a beautiful country but it`s too bad that it is inhabited.” Romania is a very privileged country regarding […]

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Happy 8th March to all the women out there !

Happy 8th March to all the women out there ! 8 March, the International Women’s Day. But not everybody celebrates this event. Some people believe it is ridiculous to have only one day out of 365 dedicated to women, while they are these amazing creatures worth celebrating […]

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A new way of recycling: Sigurec

A new way of recycling: Sigurec Not too long ago, a Japanese colleague was telling me about the strict way of recycling in Japan. Apparently, in Japan, not only people must recycle, but also, in order to benefit from the sanitation system, each citizen needs […]

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About Romania and the Romanians, from Sweden

About Romania and the Romanians, from Sweden Many things have been written or said about Romania and the Romanians. A few are positive, others are negative. Some are driven by specific political views or personal interests. Others highlight only negative aspects. Only few are favourably […]

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About those “airplanes without engines”

About those “airplanes without engines” I remember so well those high-school times when I used to fly those “engine-less” aircraft. For free. Every holiday, every weekend or day off I would have a well organized schedule, going to the airfield from early morning until late […]

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Proud Romanians

We’re Romanians & we’re proud There have been many controversies regarding Romanians abroad. So many TV news, so many newspapers writing about them, so many rumors. Romania`s reputation has been considerably shaken. In most of the European countries, when one has to acknowledge his nationality and […]

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About freedom & co

About freedom & co The notion of freedom is truly interesting because its limits are perceived differently by each culture, each country, each religion and each person. Everybody has their own definition of freedom. The events from January 2015 and especially the attempt at the satiric […]

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Zig Zag around Romania

Zig Zag around Romania Today we have the pleasure to present you a brave initiative of a dynamic team of Romanians that are attached to the geographic and cultural inheritance of the country and have the ambition to open to you every gate of every county […]

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Missing I never thought I will miss Romania. That Romania that was being unfair to me me every single day. Incorrect. Corrupted. Impolite. That Romania, whose behavior was putting me away. Because there was no room for anything else than nepotism, favoritism or acquaintances.  Because […]

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Partying at home vs Clubbing

Partying at home vs Clubbing Everybody goes clubbing nowadays for dancing, picking up, having a drink, meeting new people, having fun, having a small chitchat… Everybody crams around endless lines from Thursday to Saturday to book a table or the VIP corner, to enjoy themselves, […]

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Seaside break

Seaside break Summer has been here for a while and I’m so excited! I absolutely love sunny days and green spaces, walking in the park in the evening, eating ice cream at lunch and dinner, wearing light dresses and skirts, colorful clothes, going to picnics. […]

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About couples, friendship and outings with the girls

About couples, friendship and outings with the girls Generally, when two people meet and begin life as a couple, friends and girlfriends are often relatively bent on the sidelines (especially girlfriends more often, because boys maintain their outings to a certain extent). Many women, once they’ve stumbled […]

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The urbanizing of folklore

The urbanizing of folklore Until recently, when associating the words “Romania” and “folklore” in the same paragraph, the images that spontaneously came to our minds were those of our grandparents’ house, the rustic villages, the towels and rugs woven on looms, the folk costumes with red […]

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Traditional motifs are fashionable again

Traditional motifs are fashionable again Strangers often ask me about the typical Romanian customs, the aspects that make our country different. Usually, the questions are directed to the culinary aspects and people wish to try our traditional dishes. However, what inspires me the most about Romania […]

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Romania, an ambivalent country

Romania, an ambivalent country The year 2014 started with fireworks, champagne, wishes for happiness, health, prosperity. A year that theoretically started pretty well for Romanian people. Not for having won the lottery. But because of that optimism and hope that conquer our souls at the […]

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Romanian faces

Romanian faces In the city or in small villages. On the street. In the park. Simply going to work or to school. Happy or sad. Curious. Furrowed. Smiley. Expressive. Or just.. Romanian. A small collage of Romanian faces. Natural. Simple.           […]

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