About hair styling in Romania

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About hair styling in Romania

Our hair contributes a lot to the first impression one person leaves on other people. Just as the way our face looks, the way we are dressed and our body language. Nonetheless, many people don’t really treasure their hair, even on important occasions. When they need a hair styling, they simply go to a hair salon and ask for a brushing, more or less fancy or sophisticated. And that’s it, they leave everything up to the hair stylist.

Many hair stylists are talented and able to find the right fit in terms of hairstyling in order to satisfy clients. But many others simply do the same hairstyles they have done for years, the only ones they know. And the result may not always be satisfying. Even more so when one has no time to un-do the hairdo and try something else because of the limited time until the beginning of the event.

Also, what most people don’t necessarily know is that one can be very good at cutting hair but not at doing hairstyling. And viceversa. You can have a very good hair stylist that can make your hair look awesome for a specific occasion. But that same awesome hairstylist may not be the best choice for a casual everyday look.

Now add to the mix the fact that everybody does not have the same hair nature. You can be sure that it is not easy for a same person to master both cutting and styling of thin hair as well as brisk or curly hair. A hair stylist used to work with long straight hair may give you several precious tips regarding the products to use. But the same person may be short on ideas or advice regarding medium-length curly hair. Thus, I believe you should choose carefully your hair salon and your hair stylist, depending on your needs.

About hair stylist Andreea Constantin

Personally, I haven’t tried all the salons in Bucharest or in Romania. But I can strongly recommend Andreea Constantin for hair styling if you have medium or long hair. Or if you appreciate wavy hair or braids. She is definitely a good professional whose expertise and skills have been aknowledged. Indeed, her magic hands and styling ideas have helped many local Romanian celebrities to shine.

Picture from Andreea’s professional Facebook page

Pictures from Andreea’s professional Facebook page

What I really appreciated about her when she did my hair styling for my wedding in Bucharest this summer is that she is a very accessible. She is a simple person who really wants to make her clients happy and look great. She didn’t try to impose her vision on me. On the contrary, she wanted to know what I had in mind and offered to do a trial. During the trial, she kept checking my satisfaction level at each step. Several times during our meeting she asked me if I was happy with what she was doing and how my hair looked. I could feel that she really wanted me to be happy. She did her best to have my hair styling right. And I must admit that the big day I didn’t worry at all. I was confident she knew exactly what I wanted.

Below you can see some pictures of my hair styling:

Hair style for my wedding day done by Andreea Constantin

Hair style by Andreea Constantin seen from the side // The hair accessory was bought separately on Amazon

Hair style by Andreea Constantin seen from behind

So, if you need a hair stylist for  a special occasion and you like modern romantic looks or braids, don’t hesitate to contact her on her Facebook page. For your information, you can also book her for the entire day if you are a large group of women preparing for the same event. She will be your person and won’t let you down!


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