Biking in Romania: Bunești-Viscri

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Biking in Romania: Bunești-Viscri

Since I was talking about Transylvania Bike Trails Network in one of the previous articles, I am coming up now with another suggestion of a track worth following around the area. There is a 7km country road that goes to Viscri as well, so my suggestion is to follow that road initially for a bit of warm up, then follow the MTB trail to go back to Bunești. You can start the track in either Bunești or Viscri, of course. There are plenty of places to accommodate over the night and where you can have a lunch in Viscri.

The trail is mainly 20 km long for a round trip. And of course, the track is entirely found on TBT App!

Below you will find a few places that worth being mentioned if you go there:

  • Accommodation: Viscri 125, Viscri 195, Bike Check Inn (Bunești) but there are few others places that we have not personally tried but I am pretty sure they are very nice
  • Eating: most of the places mentioned above serve food, as well
  • To do (apart from biking): visit Viscri Fortified Church, go for truffle hunting (mostly in October -November; details in Bike Check Inn or Viscri 125), try some local food products (such as preserves, juice, local cheese)

The road to Viscri

Viscri House

The trail from Viscri to Bunești

The trail enters the forest

The hills and meadows of Târnava Mare

The entrance to Viscri

Selling local crafts in Viscri

Country side view

The Fortified Church in Viscri

The main street in Viscri

Enjoying some elderflower juice at Viscri 125


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