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I never thought I will miss Romania. That Romania that was being unfair to me me every single day. Incorrect. Corrupted. Impolite. That Romania, whose behavior was putting me away. Because there was no room for anything else than nepotism, favoritism or acquaintances.  Because being Romanian was a handicap, even in my own country.

Then I saw it can be worse. That out there there are countries without any hope. That no matter which is the location, the state remains the state.  And being an expat doesn`t make you tax free. That nepotism is present everywhere, even in the most unexpected locations. And knowing the right person will put a step ahead anyone, everywhere.

I’ve seen misery and sadness. But then I saw even more happiness and warmth.

I feel lucky that I was born in Europe and I can go out safely alone in the middle of the night. Without the fear of being robbed or raped.

I feel lucky that I was born in a free country, where I still have a chance to do something in life. I feel lucky that my country has four seasons and I fully enjoyed each of them. That I can freely go outdoors in summertime. And I can enjoy skiing in winter, without traveling the globe to do so. That we have beautiful mountains full of trails. And we have a sea, even though it`s more “blackish” than blue.

I don`t miss that corrupted Romania, full of misery. But I do miss that picturesque Romania. I miss those Transylvanian villages, the spring flowers, the green mountains. I miss cycling through green fields and forests. I miss eating fruits straight from the tree. I miss running in the rain. I miss all those places where I was… and I still want to be.

I miss the Ceahlău mountain, the one living in the clouds…

IMG_0594and the Carpathian glacier lakes

101_1149I miss Transylvanian autumn..


Or the autumn from Bucharest, at least.

autumn1I miss the colorful Sighișoara…


Or, at least, the black and white one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI miss the  rain over Măgura village

20130609_120135And the corn poppies near Brașov.

20130608_142537The picturesque Moldavia…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the old traditional wear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI miss the green fields near Sibiu

20130429_123119And the white hills near the mountains.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI miss the old citadel of Râșnov..


Or the fortified church from Viscri

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI miss villages around the country

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the old monasteries from Maramureș

_MG_0146The spring in Moldavia

IMAG0120And the beautiful view from Bâlea Lake

IMAG0098or  Sibiu and its Tower Clock.

_MG_4915Do you ever miss Romania ?


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