Some Romanian proverbs and sayings

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Some Romanian proverbs and sayings

Although there are proverbs in all languages and cultures and most of them have the same meaning, some translations may sound funny or at least weird.

Here is a list of Romanian proverbs which are translated into English word by word together with their meaning. 🙂

“The chip doesn`t jump too far from the stump”  = The apple doesn`t fall far from the tree / Like father, like son

“After the storm comes the good weather” = After a storm comes a calm.

“As you make your bed, so you must lie on it” = As they brew, so let them drink

“The true friend is known whenever you are in need” = A friend in need is a friend indeed.

“The one that wakes up early will go far” = The early bird catches the worm

“The smart promises and the stupid believes it” = Be smart and don’t believe undeliverable promises

“The wolf changes its hair but not its nature” = Old habits die hard/ A leopard cannot change its spots

“Going forward when it comes to pies, going backwards when it comes to war” = He has two stomachs to eat and one to work

“The wheel of life always turns” = What goes around comes around

“Defend me, Lord, from my friends, because from enemies I can defend myself.” –> This one is pretty straight-forward

“Too much talking makes one poor” =  A good bestill is worth a groat

“A sin which is confessed is half forgiven” = A fault confessed is half redressed.  

“The small stub overturns the big carriage” = A little stone in the way overturns a great wain / Little strokes fell great oaks

“The mild cat scratches badly” =  Velvet paws hide sharp claws

“Don`t give the sparrow in your hand for the crow on the fence” = A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

“The one that digs someone else`s grave certainly falls there” = An arrow shot upright falls on the shooter’s head

“Self praise doesn`t smell good” = A man’s praise in his own mouth stinks.

“Not everything that flies is good to eat” = All that glitters is not gold

“Don’t put off for tomorrow whatever you can do today” = No time like the present one




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