PlatFerma – 100% natural products originary from the Romanian countryside

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PlatFerma – 100% natural products originary from the Romanian countryside

Mens sana in corpore sano.

Healthy mind, healthy body. There is a strong connection between the body and soul. We think more positively and we feel better on the long run when we have a a healthy lifestyle and we take care of our body. Healthy, natural, organic food, with no additives and chemicals, is priceless and has a very strong impact on our general mood and state of mind. Good fresh and natural products should be the basis of our daily diet. IN the urban landscape it can sometimes be difficult to have access to this kind of products, people don’t always have the time to go to the market and buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables, they don’t necessarily have relatives at the countryside, but, luckily, in Romania, a couple of people have thought of an ingenious solution to bring these products into the heart of the city in a very simple manner. Discover the PlatFerma initiative and Ada’s project in the interview below and don’t hesitate to share this idea!

PlatFerma – what is this project about?

PlatFerma is a platform for farmers and food-minded people, an online meeting place for those interested in local produce grown naturally in Romania and for the stories of those who care for plats and animals. Each farmer gets a Farmer Portrait and has a dedicated place on out Farm Map. And this is only the beginning, you can discover PlatFerma in detail here:

How did it all start?

The adventure began like in any garden, with the seed of an idea. This idea grew in an appropriate soil and I cared for it with attention, passion and curiosity until it became the PlatFerma you see today. Myself (Ada), I wanted to find the food I remember from childhood, I wanted to find out who still produces flavored tomatoes in the garden. So i did what (almost) any curious, prepared, organized and passioned individual would do: I started a blog. This blog turned into a platform, a few friends joined me (, we built a beautiful map to pinpoint every farmer we find ( and then people starting sharing and commenting about how useful they see PlatFerma to be.

The first ones who opened their virtual doors were the Corogeanu family. Our first farm visit was in Sântionluca, in Covasna county. We`ve been collecting farm stories ever since and we satisfy our curiosity about farmers and their produce, about Romanian crafts and design, we are looking for local shops and restaurants that use local produce, culinary events and anything that tickles our senses, our souls and our common sense.

What trends influenced the business model?

The trend of returning to what Romanians see as natural can be seen all over our country, in each domain from health to sport, free time and relaxation. People miss simplicity and we focus on simplifying the process of finding natural produce in Romania. Either you cook or you eat out, you still want energizing food. This led to us adding on PlatFerma local shops and restaurants where you can find local produce.

PlatFerma brings basic and novel produce so that you can cook the best foods from simple, healthy ingredients. Even more, we try to keep up with culinary events that initiate and complete daily food choices. And this is not all.

What products and services does PlatFerma offer?

PlatFerma helps farmers become more visible in front of those directly interested in natural produce. We tell their stories and support them in promoting their farms.

We have a Farm Map so that food-minded people can discover nearby farmers, what produce they have, how they grow crops and animals and contacts to get in touch with each farmer.

The advantages are clear for farmers and food-minded people alike: they meet right in the middle, on PlatFerma, and they are the engine of out platform.

Advantages for food-minded people:

  • you can find natural, local produce nearby or anywhere in Romania on out Farm Map,

  • you have all the information about each farmer in Farmer’s Portrait,

  • you have all the contacts to visit the farm or place your order,

  • you can read other people’s opinions or share your own in the comments,

  • stay updated with our newsletter,

  • recommend us your favorite farmer and make sure you stand by his/her work so that they can help you stay healthy.

Advantages for farmers:

  • details about your farm are right in front of those directly interested,

  • your farm is part of an open community that keeps getting bigger,

  • we keep in touch to develop solutions to your problems and challenges,

  • you can learn from other farmers on PlatFerma,

  • you have access to all the methods we use and surprises we prepare, including local shops and restaurants, as well as online and mass-media collaborations and events to suit your needs.

Beyong the advantages of a Farmer`s Portrait and the Farm Map, PlatFerma outlines many dimensions of Romanian food and non-culinary traditions, which you can find on the Discover PlatFerma page. (

What is the difference between PlatFerma and Cutia Țăranului  (The Peasant Box)?

PlatFerma is the bridge between praise-worthy initiatives like The Peasant Box and food-minded people and local culinary businesses. We wrote about Cutia Țăranului in our list of 21 Romanian Brands on Facebook and we can`t wait to meet them in person.

How exactly does the platform work for farmers?

In order to discover and tell the story of each farm, farmers send us an email al and tell us the short version of their story. We reply with a series of questions meant to guide us through the story and clarify details.

PlatFerma`s questions are simple (Who? What? Where? How? When? Why?), and the answers provided differentiate each farm from the next. We also ask farmers to send us the papers that attest the production and certify their farm. Once we get to know them throgh the Farmer Portrait, we can set the base of future collaborations.

The magic of healthy food is created when the diversity of souls, scents and emotions come together. Being close to those who plant and raise our food is the secret of gratitude.

And for regular people interested in buying the products?

PlatFerma is opened to all who want to know more about their daily food and natural produce found in Romania. Those who want to buy produce from the farm have all the contacts listed in each Farmer`s Portrait you see on PlatFerma. We encourage people to search, to discover, to visit and taste what they are longing for, they will find more than ever expected.

Your plans for the future?

We want to see the Farm Map filled with farms and close the gaps between those who eat and those who farm in the many creative ways it can be done. We will be collaborating with people with the same purpose: to discover and support farmers and natural Romanian produce and products. We will have both online and offline collaborations.

We can tell you that we wholeheartedly read the emails and comments on PlatFerma. We rely on recommendations to discover Romania`s favorite farmers, so recommend us your favorite farmer at, so we can all enjoy diversity on the Farms Map.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at their website or Facebook Page and encourage them as you can – by subscribing, by sharing your thoughts & feelings or by recommending them to people that might be interested in their project!


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