About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting

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About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting

Everybody wants to earn money, to support their family, to succeed in going on holidays to beautiful places where they can rest, to go to a performance show from time to time, to change their minds, to buy clothes, to be able to dress decently, to be good-looking and – why not? – to follow trends.

maxresdefaultTrends that are often suggested, not to say imposed, by brands or multinational groups. Everybody struggles to buy a Zara, H&M, Gap, C&A etc. clothing item in order to avoid the frustration of not having what everybody displays on the street, in bars or at the office. Almost everybody wants to follow the steps of famous trend-setters. But few invest time, money and energy in looking for a personal style and turning clothing and accessories into a way of expressing personal values.

Nowadays people pay too much attention to appearance and social status, and less to their true identity. Luckily, there are still people who treasure feelings, values and memories and principles. People who are trying to think outside of the box and bring fantasy, emotion and feeling to a daily life often painted in white, black or gray. For several years now, a new generation of artists and craftsmen have dedicated their life to the creation of meaningful objects for the Romanian people. In order to give them hope and constantly stimulate the way they are thinking. Thus, new beautiful small and creative brands have appeared, different from the standards imposed by multinational companies. They have coined brand new codes that originate in the Romanian cultural and spiritual tradition, so colorful and filled with rich symbolism.

I invite you to get to know better Maria Dermengiu, creator and founder of Marie Nouvelle. A brand that aims at bringing art closer to people and giving freedom to the heart and the passion for painting. Maria gives life to various objects (scarves, blouses, dresses, covers for phones and tablets, bags) for people whose right hemisphere is at least as active as the left one and who are sensitive to beauty.

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Maria Dermengiu: “I’m not able to analyse myself in terms of physical traits because I would be subjective and not necessarily positive. But I perceive myself with the eyes of my mind. And I see a person very sensitive to harmony in all its forms, to creation, to the infinite, to the realm of fantasy, a place that should never be deleted.”

What is the difference between the items you have created and what already exists out there?

Maria Dermengiu: “I have always wanted art to be the closest to the art lover. To be accessible and to convey the right meaning. And how else than wrapping the skin or the body, close to the heart?”

What brings joy in your life?

Maria Dermengiu: “My joys are simple. What matters the most is the way I choose to look at the world, through what lenses I perceive it. Everything is simplified in this way. For me, it is enough to see the colours on my palette, to be in the middle of the nature, to feel the warmth and the good thoughts of those around me.”

Any complaints in life?

Maria Dermengiu: “I see them as opportunities to develop my psychical muscles and grow. Even when sad experiences occur, we must become aware that everything happens for a reason.”

If you were to draw the portrait of the Romanians as a people, what would you choose to represent in your painting?

Maria Dermengiu: “We are extremely creative people. We are creators by nature, in everything we choose to do and express. And this began a ​​long, long time ago, when we chose to create dresses with rich sacred symbols meant to protect and embellish us at the same time. 

I had an exhibition at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Muzeul Național al Ţăranului Român), painting precisely these symbols and archetypes that our ancestors chose to sew on their garments as a sign of belonging and faith. I have always chosen to paint metaphorically the human companionship with nature, through the various forms of flowers and circles belonging to the solar system and to nature, where they all find their source.”

What does painting mean to you?

Maria Dermengiu: “My paintings represent the aspiration of an artist caught in a ‘closed and safe space’, where I can feel free to express myself. 

To my mind, I make art so as to always remember my true self, who I really am, my heart.”

Has it ever happened to run out of inspiration? What do you do then?

Maria Dermengiu: “Sometimes I can’t paint. Not because I can’t find my inspiration, but because when you are focused on something else, it simply doesn’t work. And it is natural to be so. When painting, you disconnect the brain and create with your heart. We need to activate other functions than those related to reason. The solution is simple – to unwind, not think about my daily routine and establish a connection with my true self, my inner state that usually dictates what to put on the cloth.”

Do you believe in muses?

Maria Dermengiu: “We all have a muse, an inspiration, a Gala, a Veronica or – why not? – a divine source that strikes a chord and leads to an emotional response.”

What message do you want to deliver through your creations?

Maria Dermengiu: “The most important message I want to deliver is to wear clothes that have a meaning. With these creations, I intend to to provide a feeling, an emotion, a desire to give others an idea of ​​the feelings behind those fabrics.”

Applied Arts and wearable artworks is a very fashionable trend nowadays…

Maria Dermengiu: “It’s a strong trend, I’ve noticed that already, because there is so much colour and vibration in art. But few understand the true purpose of these creations worn this way – they pass on what the artist intended to paint on canvas, the emotions experienced during the moment of creating them. Each symbol has a resonance that comes to life. It is very valuable what we give out to the world, how we ‘touch’ others.”

What is Marie Nouvelle Studio?

Maria Dermengiu: “Marie Nouvelle is a brand incorporating art into the everyday rhythm of everyday life.

The scarves, blouses, dresses, all Marie Nouvelle creations are made of 100% natural silk and are inspired from collections of paintings exhibited at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, U Art Gallery and other prestigious places.”

How is this brand different from other Romanian brands in the same style?

Maria Dermengiu: “Marie Nouvelle was born out of a strong desire to share. It is an art project, a brand that has more to do with the invisible urge that we all have to give a meaning to life and to enjoy art in our daily lives often overshadowed by anxieties regarding the future.”

What does Marie Nouvelle do very well?

Maria Dermengiu: “Marie Nouvelle gets emotionally involved.”

What future development projects are there in store for Marie Nouvelle?

Maria Dermengiu: “In the future I want to develop a line of interior design, my passion, and a few other surprises.”

Where can people buy your products (paintings and clothing / accessories)?

Maria Dermengiu: “Firstly on my Facebook page, and on my website www.marienouvellestudio.com.

Then there are locations chosen to display Marie Nouvelle accessories and creations: Galeria Victoria 46, Cărtureşti Verona, Galateca, Atelier Zenya and Band of Creators. “

A final thought  for our readers?

Maria Dermengiu: “I am here today thanks to the people who surround me and supported me, who understand my passions, my values ​​and my calling. I am grateful to all of them because they allowed me TO EXIST… 

Wear meaningful clothes.”

Have a lovely week !


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