Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village

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Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village

Late spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. We are looking for some biking, now that we reached Tocile. 🙂

Today I am gonna suggest a short tour in the surroundings: through the meadows behind the guest house, across Tocile lake, through both Cisnădie and Cisnădioara villages. It is a light tour, having approximately 30 km.


Tocile – Lac Tocile – E81 – Cisnădie – Cisnădioara – Tocile 

Total length : 30 km

Difficulty level : beginner

Time : 2-3 hrs

Equipment needed : rain-wear, wind-stopper, helmet, spare wheel chamber + bike pump, SPF lotion for those who need it, enough water.


traseu tocile

Detailed map here.

The tour towards the meadow starts right from Tocile village, taking the second left street (after Tocile de Jos street) towards Sadu village. Although it is an unmarked  country road, it is pretty easy to orientate here.

During the spring, the whole landscape is full of a breathtaking green.

The best part is that the whole area is full of fields where you can relax or have a picnic, and the country road itself doesn`t have any traffic at all. The length of the road is of approximately 7-8 km and passes right behind the Tocile lake, where I think you can go fishing. The worst part is that this tours intersects the E81 road for a few kilometers, where the traffic is pretty heavy.







At the end of the country road there is an intersection with E81 where you have to take a left turn towards Sibiu. Right after the industrial park Șelimbăr, you`ll see an indicator to take left to Cisnădie, taking the national road 106D, where the traffic is less heavy, but still present.

Some places to visit in Cisnădie: the Evanghelical Church from the  XIII century and the Museum of the Textile Industry. For those who don`t know yet, Cisnădie was the first place where a tower clock was built in Transilvania, in 1425.

Going further, we`ll reach Cisnădioara, another saxon settlement where you can visit the Cisnădioara Citadel or the Fortified Church. You can also stop for a lunch break in one of the local terraces. We ate at Apfelhaus and we enjoyed it.

We even heard that there is a direct tour to Tocile from here, on the edge of the hill that accomodates  Cisnădioara Citadel – Saint Michael hill (Sf. Mihail), but after looking for it for about 3 hours we just ended up being lost in the woods, so we eventually gave up. But you may give it a try ! 🙂

Anyway, the landscape is  worth trying. Good luck in finding it! 🙂


The Romanian version here

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