Biking in Romania: Sighișoara-Biertan

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Biking in Romania: Sighișoara – Biertan

IMG_2334Sighișoara and the whole Târnava Mare County are beautiful all year round. But they reach their peak in spring and autumn, when the landscape looks amazing. The seasons` colors from here cannot be compared to anywhere else.

The next tour I am going to talk about starts from Sighișoara, traverses the surrounding forests and reaches the saxon settlement Biertan. The trail traverses both national roads, full of traffic, and empty countryside roads, as well as traditional villages, which seem to be out of this world, forests, fields and meadows altogether. Along our way, we`ll meet simple people, from the countryside, as well as relaxed western tourists.

This is only a one day tour, but I am pretty sure that Sighișoara will convince you to stay more. If you choose to come by car, a weekend is enough, but if you come by train, you`ll need at least two days and a half, as you depend on the train schedule. As far as I remember, the last train leaves Sighișoara in the evening and takes about 5 hours to reach Bucharest. Anyway, it`s better to have a look on the train schedule before.


Sighișoara – National Road 14 (DN 14) –  Daneș – Road 24 –  Șaroș-Valchid Forest – Valchid – Copșa Mare – Biertan-Copșa Mare Forest –  Biertan – Șaroș pe Târnave –  DN 14 – Daneș – Sighișoara 

Total length: 60 km

Level difference : aprox. 100m

Difficulty level: medium

Time: aprox. 4 -4,5 hrs

Equipment: rainwear, wind-stopper, helmet, spare wheel room + bike pump,  SPF lotion, enough water


traseu biertan

Detailed map here.

The tour starts right from Sighișoara city center and goes on DN 14 towards Mediaș. The exit from Sighișoara is marked by a scary uphill slope at the beginning but once you start cycling you`ll get used to it. As the Romanian proverb says it “hunger comes eating”. 🙂

Next is Daneș village, where you can stop for a while at the Equestrian Centre Daneș. If you`re in the mood for a ride, don`t forget to make an appointment before, here. We will then continue our way on the same road, then we`ll take a left turn to a countryside road, numbered 24 – towards Valchid and Copșa Mare villages. It should be an indicator there, but, just in case, this is the second road to the left after the indicator for Laslea.

The country road is very picturesque but full of stones. So you`ll get some anti-cellulite massage included in the whole package, as well. 🙂


You`ll reach Valchid village in about 6-7 kilometers, which seems to be out of this world;  and if you`re lucky enough, you`ll get some  National Geographic landscapes, as well … 

IMG_2318Next village is Copșa Mare. Just before entering the village, take a sharp turn to the right, on a steep uphill road, in order to reach Biertan. This road traverses a very beautiful forest called Biertan-Copșa Mare forest.

In Biertan, you can visit the fortified Evangelical Church, dating from the end of the XV century and the beginning of the XVI century. The church was build in the classical gothic style, having architectural influences from the Renaissance period. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


Right near the church, there is some kind of tavern having an interior yard; it has only 2 tables but it`s perfect for a break.



The way back, towards Șaroș pe Târnave, has even more traffic than the previous one. However, it has the same amazing view and plenty of fields where you can admire the nature.



Once you reach Șaroș pe Târnave, take a right turn, then continue straight towards Sighișoara. There will also be an indicator towards Sighișoara. You only have 20 km left from here and there are not so many level differences. Have fun !


The Romanian version here

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