Traditional motifs are fashionable again

Traditional motifs are fashionable again Strangers often ask me about the typical Romanian customs, the aspects that make our country different. Usually, the questions are directed to the culinary aspects and people wish to try our traditional dishes. However, what inspires me the most about Romania […]

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Romania, an ambivalent country

Romania, an ambivalent country The year 2014 started with fireworks, champagne, wishes for happiness, health, prosperity. A year that theoretically started pretty well for Romanian people. Not for having won the lottery. But because of that optimism and hope that conquer our souls at the […]

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herghelia lucina, gandnou

Lucina Stud

Lucina Stud Beyond the hills of Transylvania, beyond the forests of Bucovina, in the far north of Romania, far away from everything, there is a little  peaceful and quiet corner of nature where the birds sing, the horses play joyfully and time seems to have stopped. […]

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Warm places for cold weather

Warm places for cold weather The winter has officially come so all the outdoor activities are now limited. If we leave aside skiing and snowboard breakaways and we stay in Bucharest, here are few indoor places we can enjoy: 1. Green Tea (tea house) It […]

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Romanian faces

Romanian faces In the city or in small villages. On the street. In the park. Simply going to work or to school. Happy or sad. Curious. Furrowed. Smiley. Expressive. Or just.. Romanian. A small collage of Romanian faces. Natural. Simple.           […]

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