Warm places for cold weather

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Warm places for cold weather

The winter has officially come so all the outdoor activities are now limited. If we leave aside skiing and snowboard breakaways and we stay in Bucharest, here are few indoor places we can enjoy:

1. Green Tea (tea house)

It seems to be detached from the story of  “Hansel and Gretel ” having even sweeter goodies.

Address: Str. Dr. Burghelea Nr. 24, Sector 2, Bucureşti


2. Ceai la Cotroceni

Another place where you can enjoy a cup of tea, a little bit more underground (literally) but so cosy at the same time.

Address: Bd. Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu 25, Sector 5, Bucureşti


3. 18 Lounge

Something a little bit more stylish, it`s more of a restaurant, but with a very nice view.

Address: City Gate, South Tower, Etaj 18, Piața Presei Libere 3-5, București


4. Venchi

A little corner to enjoy a delicious chocolate, ice cream (for the brave ones in winter) and they also serve very good coffee.

Address: Calea Victoriei 214, Bucureşti


5. Lacrimi și sfinți (restaurant)

A new meaning for the Romanian feast. Decorated in a very original style, where traditions meet modernity.

Address: Sepcari 16, Centrul Vechi, Bucureşti ( Old City Centre )


6. Institute, The Café 

Creative and cool. Less known by people but it’s worth giving a try.

Address: Stirbei Vodă 104 – 106, Bucureşti

7.  Serendipity ( tea house )

A tranquility oasis and, at the same time, a space for arts, exhibitions, live concerts or workshops.

Address: Str. Dumbrava Roșie nr. 12 (intrarea pe alee), București


9. Lente Cafe

Or the place where you are allowed to be lazy. 🙂

Address: Gen. Praporgescu 31 (Batiste) / Arcului 8 (Armenească), Bucureşti


10. The Coffee Shop 

A place to enjoy all kinds of coffee: turkish, arabic, filter, Kenyan and so on. There or take away.

Addresses: Moşilor nr 221 /Academiei nr 2 / Vlădoianu nr 2-4, Bucureşti


11. Shift Pub

A funky place in the middle of the city. Fresh juices, teas, aperitifs and main courses suitable for everyone.

Address: Str. General Eremia Grigorescu nr.17, sector 1, Bucureşti


12.  La Copac ( tavern )

They describe themselves as being a boyars` tavern. A wide range of food, from traditional food to vegetarian food.

Address: Str. Pitar Moș nr. 23 (Romană square – UK Embassy )



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