Cultural outing @Mogoșoaia, a beautiful Romanian castle

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Cultural outing @Mogoșoaia, a beautiful Romanian castle & domain

Romania is a very beautiful country with a lot of potential. I know it, my husband knows it, my colleagues, friends and family members know it. Some Romanian people know it. Some foreign people who have travelled to the country or seen some pictures know it. But it’s far from being a worldwide known piece of information. Even if during the past few years many travel websites have pointed it out in their travel guides or bucket lists.

On our website – in the category called “Places”– we try to highlight the most beautiful spots in Romania, may they be regions, cities, villages, markets, restaurants, biking trails, trekking paths, etc. It is very important to share with others the knowledge that we have about our country. And to promote beautiful places. Especially if they are culturally relevant and offer quality products, services and experiences. Or if they emphasize certain characteristics of the Romanian culture, identity and style.


This is the case of Mogoșoaia. A green and peaceful domain with big beautiful gardens surrounding a Romanian church and castle, as well as a restaurant with a very beautiful architecture in the typical Brâncovean style (also called the Romanian Renaissance style, inspired from the Italian architecture with red bricks).

The entrance tower, the church and a part of the restaurant

Partial view of the restaurant and the guest house

View of the terrace restaurant situated at the ground floor

About the geography and history of this remarkable Romanian castle

The Mogoșoaia domain (Strada Valea Parcului 1, Mogoșoaia, Romania), located at only 10 km from the city center of Bucharest, is amazing. The castle (“palat” = palace in Romanian) was built in between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu, prince of Wallachia (Wallachia = “Țara Românească” in Romanian, a region in the southern part of Romania).

Accross time, the property was an Ottoman inn. Bombed by German Air forces in 1916, it was then reconstructed to become later on the meeting place for politicians and aristocrats. Communists nationalized it during World War II and it became a museum in 1957.

Nowadays, the Romanian castle, the church and the gardens are open to tourists worldwide. And the restaurant often hosts private or cultural events of all sorts: exhibitions, festivals, conferences, salloons, business lunches or diners and other sorts of private events.

View of the museum/ castle

View of the central gardens

About the leisure or cultural activities one can organize at Mogoșoaia

This summer (in August 2017) we have organized an absolutely amazing cultural afternoon for a group of French people that were visiting Bucharest. With the help of Mrs Ana Paulina and the rest of the events team working there, we organized a great typical Romanian lunch. The lunch was accompanied by a local wine tasting session, as well as the visit of the gardens and the castle.

The event was a success. The guests appreciated the quality of the service, the food and drinks, as well as the beauty of the domain. During the entire afternoon, they could eat in a unique and absolutely amazing setting, in a private area of the domain. They could taste the various Romanian wines in a room with a charming Romanian decoration. And they could also visit the castle, learn about the ‘Brâncovean’ style and history of the place.

View of a magnificent room inside the guest house, where our event took place

Beginning of the wine tasting session

Wine tasting session

Lunch on the private terrace with an amazing view

Practical information

Therefore, if you find yourself in Bucharest or nearby, we strongly recommend visiting the domain. It is appropriate for all kinds of activities. In spring, summer or autumn, you can take a nice afternoon walk in the gardens and sit by the lake to admire the view. Or you can visit the castle and the church and learn more about the history of Romania and Constantin Brâncoveanu. You can celebrate personal or corporate events and have lunch or dinner in a completely stunning scenery. And of course you can take some memorable pictures at any time of the year.

For a casual Sunday walk or a visit to the castle, you don’t need to book in advance. But if you want to organize a group event of any kind, you might want to check out the information available on their website (the website is only in Romanian though) and write an email asking for more details to the following email address:


*The pictures were taken by Romanian photographer Oana Gociman

The Romanian version here

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