Discover Maramureş County

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Discover Maramureş County

Many people have heard about Maramureş. The Happy Graveyard from Săpȃnța is known both in the country and abroad. A lot of pictures and images have circulated on the internet. But Maramureș is so much more than that.cimitirul vesel sapanta

For those having trouble locating the county, it is situated in the North-West of Romania, its residence being in Baia Mare.

judet maramures

Four distinctive ethnology-folkloric regions – Chioar’s Country (Țara Chioarului), Lapus’s Country (Țara Lăpușului), Maramures’s Country (Țara Maramureșului) and the Forest Country (Țara Codrului) – make the actual county.

According to Wikipedia, the ethnic structure is as follows:

  • Romanians – 418405
  • Hungarians – 46300
  • Ukrainians – 34027
  • Gipsies – 8913
  • Germans – 2012

There are countless attractive sights, the local culture from Maramureș being so rich in working with wood, fashion art, cooking art, dramatic art, theatrics and ceramics.

Unfortunately however, the recent attempts to modernise the architecture of this region have failed. Nonetheless, Maramureș remains a dreamland.


I will let you discover a video made by the Zig Zag team who spent a month in this county and walked through a lot of wonderful places, and met a lot of great people who have enriched them spiritually and intellectually.

So, when are you planning a trip to Maramureş?


*Foto credits : Zig Zag around Romania 

maramuresThe Romanian version here

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