I’m Romanian – Magda David

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I’m Romanian – Magda David

38yo Romanian, originary from Bârlad and living in Iaşi

My studies oriented me towards the field of wearing apparel and leather designs. But I am most proud of my job as a mother of two extraordinary daughters!

I don’t really like following along like sheep and I enjoy standing out in a crowd. Therefore, I love unique and authentic products. I like the Romanian blouse and if I could afford it, I would spend double on such products handmade with love. I like the toys I make, but also wooden handicraft toys for children. This passion for craft and handmade products tailored for each customer can be noticed in my shoes collection, my wardrobe, my home deco.

I don’t have a life motto, don’t really have a role model either that inspires me, I believe in God and that’s enough 🙂 !

I also believe in uniqueness, authenticity, ambition, determination. My objective is to pass on to the children who play with my toys the idea that it is wonderful to have unique objects. Objects that are specially designed for them by people and not by machines. This kind of objects make you feel different.

I try to teach my girls to treasure REAL HUMAN values. I want them not to be shallow, not to be overwhelmed by technology but use it wisely. To improve their skills and capabilities. I want them to read paper books instead of notebooks, to paint with their own hands. And not spend the entire day in front of a laptop. I prefer seeing my girls playing outdoors in the mud and listening to traditional Romanian folkloric music because it’s ours and is unique. When I can, I try to teach my girls to do things they like and relate to instead of obeying to what other people tell them to do. I want them to be pragmatic and well-rooted, to enjoy each day as it comes, each rainbow, each “piggy” cloud.

Children come as blank CDs into the world. The only information they have is related to the intrauterine period. And they are eager to discover and stock as much information as they can. Thus my role as a parent is to offer them as much pleasant and useful knowledge as I can. Our surrounding society will come up with the other bits of information. 


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