“Ceva Dulce”: sweets for all tastes

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“Ceva Dulce” – sweets for all tastes

I don’t know how other people are made, but I am a “candy person”. Whenever I need a break, a comforting reward, a trick to lift me up and help me spend an enjoyable moment, may it be summer or winter, the best solution is always to eat something sweet. Right after having the sweet bite, I can feel my heart filled with joy (and the sugar running through my veins 🙂 ). And I feel happy and under the impression that I can do whatever I want.

Sweets have been my drugs since I was a child. I used to love receiving candy gifts. And even today I enjoy eating sweets. Whenever I travel, I love to taste the local candy. It’s a joyful habit that I don’t want to give up. Of course, I pay attention to the dose of sugar I eat on a daily basis, but I adore treating myself with quality colourful sweets.

If you are a little bit like me and you like candy, chocolate, lollipops, biscuits/crackers and jelly belly, you will surely be happy to discover the brand “Ceva Dulce” (EN translation: “something sweet”), created in Romania in 2015 by Giorgiana Petre and Ștefan Szakal. They have created a magic candy store in Timişoara (location: street Eugeniu de Savoya nr. 16, between Piața Unirii and Piața Libertății).

The concept & shop branding and visual identity were created by Erik Erdokozi, a very talented artist from Timișoara.

Ceva Dulce: “We had the desire to convey joy, to encourage people to embrace life and sweets to the fullest and cheer them up though a colourful atmosphere. We therefore created a playful place for children and adults. In order to do so and create a pleasant interior design, we worked with Ezzoo Design, a young and creative local team. They made our dream come true.”

About the “Ceva Dulce” sweets offer

Ceva Dulce: “We select worldwide high quality sweets to sell in our shop. Some of the chocolates are ‘bean-to-bar’, organic and fairtrade, unique on the local or even national market. In our store, you will find products selected by my sister (Dorina) and I (Giorgiana), according to our own tastes and experiences or following our friends and clients recommendations. We are always looking for new sweets brands, to add in our offer. Our clients are indeed very happy they can find in Romania as well sweets they have discovered during their journeys abroad in countries such as America, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary.”

“We also have a range of customized bags or jars of sweets sold under the brand ‘Ceva Dulce’, which are perfect for gifts.”


About the clients of the shop “Ceva Dulce”

Ceva Dulce: “Our fans are all sweets lovers and that means we are very popular among both children and adults. Children and young people mostly prefer jelly beans, candy and lollipops. Adults are more into crackers, fudge, pralines and chocolate.”

“We are the first choice as well when it comes to gifts. We like to be accomplices of those who do sweet surprises, whatever the occasion.

However, we have also met people who are more reserved when it comes to trying new brands. They don‘t always know to differentiate a chocolate from another one and don’t pay attention to the origin of the cocoa beans or its ingredients. In these cases, price can be a good quality indicator. Our advice is to always choose quality over quantity, even if the chocolate is a little more expensive. You don‘t have to buy an entire box. A bar should be enough.”

“In order to satisfy everybody, we try to have a large variety of products. Some of them more sophisticated, other rather classical. We want each person that comes into our shop to find something they like and respects their tastes and preferences.”

The current best sellers

Ceva Dulce: “Among the specialties sold in our store that enjoy great success, we have: 

  • the ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate from the Austrian brand Zotter – which has won numerous awards (15 medals won only last year at the London Chocolate Awards),
  • the ‘ChocoMe’ chocolate, an award-winning brand in Hungary,
  • nougat and marzipan specialties from Niederegger Lübeck,
  • pralines crafted in Greece, Italy and Belgium,
  • the one meter chocolate,
  • the Desobry Belgian cookies,
  • or the famous jelly belly from America, along with many other specialties.”

To meet the team “Ceva Dulce” and taste their sweets offer, you can visit their store in Timişoara or you can order by phone or online on their website www.cevadulce.tm.ro. Currently they deliver the products nationwide but they can also arrange for deliveries outside Romania.

Since 2016 their products are also distributed in the following stores: Librarium Group in Timişoara, Cluj, Iaşi, Bucureşti, The Wine Guy  and the coffeeshop Reciproc in Timişoara.

Would you a like a “Ceva Dulce” sweet?


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