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Andra Ojog, Romanian from Botoşani, established in Bucharest

A friend of mine who knows me even better than I do once told me that she appreciates me because I always know exactly what to do. I have very good instincts, I am smart and I put my heart and soul in everything I do. It’s a rather good summary of my personality. Indeed, I do everything with passion and if I make up a plan, I do my very best to accomplish it. No matter the obstacles.

My background is a little bit atypical. I graduated from high school with a diploma in Mathematics and Informatics. Then I finished a Bachelor`s degree in Communication and Public Relations, followed by a Master`s degree in Human Resources. After that, I have worked for almost 8 years as a model, then scout and booker in a modelling agency. And now I own an online shop that sells toys and kids furniture, most of them made in Romania: www.marveloustore.ro.

I strongly believe that Romania has a lot to offer. But I often feel like we are sabotaging ourselves and because of the problems we have as a nation, we fail to mobilize and create beautiful, positive, constructive things that will helps us evolve as others have done it around us.

Today I am proud to be Romanian because we are a people with beautiful genes and we have a country that we really ought to be proud of. We have great people around us, kind and warm, who really do good deeds. People you can call at 5 PM on a Sunday summer day and ask them to come and tow you 200 km away on the highway. Or children from poor families who learn extremely well at school and make us proud at international Olympiads. Or families who take in their own home street kids and raise them as if they were their own flesh and blood. These things still make us special. I find myself in the beautiful people around me. What I took from the way of being of the Romanians is the energy to build interesting things.

I feel Romanian when our fellow Romanians are doing great stuff abroad and they are known for their accomplishments.

I am proud to be Romanian because I know that we have a huge potential.

For me, to be Romanian means to get to know our history, to extract the good parts from our present and to change the future so that Romania will no longer be a country that you would want to escape from.


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