“Colours of my life” : quality prints and leather items made in Romania

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“Colours of my life” by Anca Ștefănescu. Quality prints and leather items made in Romania

In the past few years, there have been lots of money invested in Romania, most of them coming from abroad. Indeed, many successful foreign companies have opened offices & shops or have bought goods of all sorts in Romania. Brands like Bombardier, Renault, IKEA, Sephora, Carrefour, Decathlon, H&M, Esthée Lauder, L’Oréal, Yves Rocher, Zara, McDonald’s, KFC, Société Générale, Lidl, Danone, Procter & Gamble, Bata etc. are present all over the country. So many foreigners have invested or purchased national companies that today, in many cities, it is easier to bump into international brands than Romanian companies. International giants have taken over the market and therefore the local initiatives have a very low visibility.

As a result of globalization, international products have become the standard for all of us. Few people and institutions sustain the local production and initiatives. Romanian entrepreneurs, with limited financial possibilities compared to the well-known successful multinational companies, are rather disregarded and almost never encouraged or promoted. Buying local applies especially to the least processed food products but not at all to other product categories.

However, Romanian entrepreneurs exist and they try hard to develop different activities and beautiful high-quality products made in Romania. Because it is possible to do this in Romania: there are competent and hard-working people, good ideas & projects and the will to make the country evolve. Nonetheless, for the time being, these initiatives don’t benefit from a considerable financial support. Local entrepreneurs, currently in a period of effervescence, do not have the opportunity to open huge physical stores in the city center, even if their work and talent deserve to be appreciated and promoted.

About “Colours of my life”

colours of my life

anca stefanescu si scristian stefanescu colours of my life“Colours of my life” is a Romanian brand recently created by a very sensitive and beautiful couple, composed of Anca Ştefănescu (known until recently under the name Ignătescu) and her husband, Cristian Ştefănescu.

Anca, with a strong experience in visual and fine arts, as well as advertising and with a very artistic way of being & living, is head of graphics and design. She creates unique models of print-outs / graphics that are very colorful, lively and inspired by nature.

Cristian, with a background in business development, is in charge of management, production, purchases and all logistical aspects.

Starting September 15th 2015, the two will be selling exclusively online at first premium leather items and prints, with no compromise on quality.

details colours of my lifeThese luxury products are made with the utmost care, using a special printing technique that prevents leather from easily getting a patinated look. The couple purchases materials of exceptional quality in the places where they are renowned. They are then meticulously assembled in Romania, under the demanding eyes of the founders who pay special attention to the entire production process and all final touches.

As the name indicates it, “Colors of my life” is an emotional brand with the soul of its creators in it,. The brand offers different colors and forms that are inspiring and cheerful. Its purpose is to be different, to distinguish itself from other rather neutral and commercial brands. To help people stand out in a crowd thanks to the premium items with an artistic, creative look.

The products are sold in limited edition. Indeed, each leather item is thought as a piece of art in itself and will be signed by the designer Anca Ștefănescu. In addition, the graphics names will appear on the products. This way, buyers will know exactly how many pieces have been sold before that purchase and how many are left. Thus, over the years, the products will still be valuable and could be sold on the vintage market. Also, Anca’s prints will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in accordance with the original.

For the time being, the “Colours of my life” collection includes :

– different bag models and designsleather bags colours of my lifeleather belts with a personalized messagebelts colours of my lifenotebook covers (for Moleskine agendas) accompanied by an inspiring phrase

agende notebooks colours of my life


bracelets colours of my life

small gifts (Smartphone accessories, bookmarks, magnets)

small gifts colours of my life

prints on paper or cloth

tablou print colours of my life

– wallets

wallets portofele colours of my life

– T-shirts.

tshirt colours of my life

In the future, the brand will continue to grow and the range of products will be extended to unique leather collars for dogs, products for children (T-shirts and backpacks), and possibly to a home deco line for interior design with print-outs on unconventional materials and collections of unique furniture pieces.

In the meantime however, you can buy the products on the online shop Colors of my life. And we hope that soon they will also be available in physical stores in Bucharest and in all European capitals (Paris, London, Rome, …).

Good tailwind, Anca and Cristian !


*Website : www.coloursofmylife.co.uk // Facebook : Colours of my life  

The Romanian version here

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  2. I have some comments on this that will provide the readers with a better understanding of some elementary concepts.

    First, you cannot state that the “International giants have monopolized the market”. You probably meant that the international giants “dominate the market”, but not as monopolists. The concept of monopoly refers to a single seller in the market and a monopoly is actually banned by competition laws. In fact, none of the giants you enumerated is a monopolist in the Romanian market as long as we can determine in the market other sellers of similar products.

    Second, the Romanian entrepreneurs (if we admit that they really exist) are not necessarily disregarded; at least they are not disregarded because they are Romanians. And there should be no principle based on which Romanian entrepreneurs must be especially encouraged or promoted. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to produce something that is worth buying. And if you do, then the consumers will buy it. It’s all about the usefulness, quality and originality of the product. If some product of a Romanian entrepreneur does not have these attributes, then there is no reason to promote that product (or the Romanian entrepreneur). So, we have another fundamental law: the road to popularity is usefulness, quality and originality. To promote a product of mediocre quality or originality is just cheap advertising. If the product is of no use (as a result of defects or other factors), then that is fraudulent advertising. Therefore, what I would like to see in every promotion or advertising is the usefulness, the quality and the originality of the product. These will tell all about the talent and the work of the manufacturer (entrepreneur or not).

    Third, if the products described in this article are “luxury products” then they must be displayed in a location that allows the customers to see them and touch them. Just to verify that these products are made – as you put it – “with the utmost care, using a special printing technique that prevents leather from easily getting a patinated look”. The online shop does not seem adequate for the presentation of such products. You also mention the production of a limited edition that will benefit of a “certificate of authenticity”. I must say that this certificate of authenticity implies a significant value of the sold item and it is meant to protect the artwork against the risk of forgery. In other words, the manufacturer contemplates a significant risk of forgery for the product as if the product is so famous that such risk is almost imminent. That’s why a close inspection of the products seems so necessary to clear up this aspect.



      We have noticed a great interest from your side in our latest blog posts and the will to discuss or debate about the different subjects and brands we present these days. However, we don’t really understand if it’s for the pleasure of discussing, the will to speak up and the desire of being heard or simply a leisure. In any case, if you have suggestions of themes / brands / Romanian entrepreneurs that you think that we should check, feel free to give us some suggestions and if it’s interesting for us, we could maybe write an article. Also, if you feel in line with our editorial approach and spirit and would like to write an article, you can also contact us by email at helloromania1@gmail.com and submit it to us. We can make the website collaborative 😉

      Regarding this specific post and the comments that you’ve made, we are sure that you, as well as most of our readers, understood the idea of considering all the international companies as a single entity taking over big cities in Romania.

      Secondly, you keep inducing the idea that Romanian entrepreneurs don’t exist or that they don’t worth being mentioned unless particularly innovative or well-known and selling in large quantities. Once again, we outline the fact that we, the team of the blog Hello Romania, have decided to present and promote several Romanian initiatives and small business, whether they are known or not. We have our own personal tastes, we go on fieldwork and meet people, we discuss with them about their story, their purpose, their business, their products and/or services and if we like them and find them interesting, we have each and every right of expressing ourselves and talking about them without this being considered fraudulent advertising. In addition, we would like to point out that an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, often taking considerable initiative and risk. It must not be huge or unique worldwide. This person – entrepreneur, manager, … – takes the risk of creating and launching something and we find this courageous and admirable. Some will become more successful than others, but this is not a problem or a criterion for us when deciding to talk about the initiatives we appreciate. You must have noticed that several brands produce the same types of products and services and are direct competitors and you must have noticed as well that not all of them offer the same quality or have the same utility, usefulness and originality. But they all exist and each and every one of them satisfies a certain target. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t exist because the money wouldn’t come in. You also imply that we stated that Romanians entrepreneurs are disregarded because of their nationality, which we never suggested or wrote in our post. It is a misunderstanding. However, on this website, our decision is to encourage all Romanian initiatives we find potentially interesting because we want Romanians to succeed and compete with other international companies. We are not forcing others to do the same, but our conviction is that entrepreneurship in Romania shouldn’t be neglected and should be encouraged more because we believe there is a great unexploited potential in the country and because we also want to improve the image people have of us.

      Finally, to our knowledge, there is no law obliging someone to expose the products in a physical store and several goods can be sold exclusively online. But we strongly hope that in the future Anca & Cristian will be able to open up as many stores as possible ; in the meantime though, we have no problem stating that these products are premium or luxury because we even tested a few prototypes a while ago and we were satisfied. We also met the founders, they walked us through the entire process and we feel very comfortable with what we say. There are many other products in other categories like health or food for instance that would need a closer inspection before focusing on a leather bag, but once again, we must not all have the same priorities. As for the certificate of authenticity, it implies indeed that the print is not a copy, it is an original creation in a limited edition. And original creations should be protected by all means; the sooner the better.

      To sum up, we wish the best of luck and great success to the newly born brand « Colours of my life » !

  3. I wonder why my last comment of September 11, 2015 is not published yet. Well, I hope that the freedom of expression is still something worth promoting.


      There must have been a bug or something, we are running some backoffice work on our website starting a few days ago …

  4. Hello! I understood your position from other comments you made before, but I think you somehow misinterpreted my last comment. Just to be clear, I did not criticize you for your choice of presenting “The colors of my life”. You can present whatever you like and I acknowledge your right to express yourself. I will never deny you that right and I expect you will never deny me or anybody else the same right. In my last comment I did not suggest that your last presentation was “fraudulent advertising”. I just wrote about the essential attributes of a successful product: usefulness, quality and originality. Then I stated that: “If the product is of no use (as a result of defects or other factors), then that is fraudulent advertising.” As you can read, this phrase contains a universal affirmation and not one directed to “The colors of my life”. Be sure that if I discovered fraudulent advertising, I would state it as clear as day and I could even expose that on my blog.
    Now, let’s get to the important part of your comment. You wrote that “an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, often taking considerable initiative and risk”. This is a simplistic definition which makes an entrepreneur from any person who organizes and manages any enterprise. Based on your definition, the manager of a bakery who invests in such enterprise is an entrepreneur. From my viewpoint, the real entrepreneur is the one who starts a business, taking the risk based on his belief that he can provide a useful and innovative product or service for which there is a significant demand in the market. The key aspect is and will always be “innovation”. Let’s take the simple example of a pen. Anyone can try to establish a business that will manufacture pens. All those that do establish such business cannot be deemed as entrepreneurs, unless they innovate something like the Frixion erasable pens. So the entrepreneur must bring either a new product/service or an outstanding improvement of an existent product/service. So the entrepreneurship is an innovation-based venture. I never stated that the entrepreneur is one that necessarily sells in large quantities, because the success of the entrepreneur’s business is a separate problem. That was a discussion about brands and lovemarks (especially about lovemarks). Because you brought this into discussion, I must say that in Romania the concept of entrepreneur is overused and underdefined. Actually, it seems that today every young person that starts some kind of business/activity in Romania, especially one related to the art, likes to define himself as an entrepreneur. I really want you to make some research on this concept, because if you tell me that you are an entrepreneur, I will always ask you “what’s the innovation?”. (You must read the writings of some serious authors to be more aware about the concept. I can recommend some if you ask.)
    With regard to the promotion of the Romanian ventures, you stated: “The Romanian entrepreneurs, with limited financial possibilities compared to the well-known successful multinational companies, are rather disregarded and not encouraged nor promoted.“ When you stated that, there was no apparent reason for the cause of such disregard, other than the fact that they are Romanians and, maybe, the fact that they are limited financially. However, the problem is more complex than it seems. One entrepreneur can start the innovation-based venture, but the success of such venture remains unknown until the build of a significant sales figures. Still, the innovation lies at the foundation of the venture and that must be apparent. If it’s not apparent, then that venture is just a small business, profitable or not. Personally, I know some Romanian ventures that are on the verge of entrepreneurship, but they do not claim that status even if the innovation is present. The difference is that they practice a lot more action and a little less boasting in the media. Of course, it is your choice to encourage whatever ventures you like, but you should be aware that others have different choices, one of which is to ignore the Romanian ventures, especially the ones that have no significant impact in the life of people/consumers. But you and I know that in the media there is a lot of advertising for ventures that have no significant impact in the market and that such advertising is made in the hope that it will attract more customers. No problem with that. But, if you call something an entrepreneurship, then you open the doors for scrutiny with the necessary exactitude.
    I have to mention that I never said that there is a law requiring someone “to expose the products in a physical store”. What I said is different. Let’s see the text: “Third, if the products described in this article are “luxury products” then they must be displayed in a location that allows the customers to see them and touch them. Just to verify that these products are made – as you put it – “with the utmost care, using a special printing technique that prevents leather from easily getting a patinated look”. The online shop does not seem adequate for the presentation of such products.” So, there is no word about “a law” requiring the display of the products in a “physical store”. The meaning of my words is that a “luxury product” requires an adequate display to at least allow the customer to touch the product and to see the qualities that places the product in the “luxury category”. Shall we discuss about what a “luxury product” is? (We’ll check the concept and all attributes, just to be exact.) For now, I will stop here.
    Lastly, I thank you for your generous proposal to make you some suggestions and to contribute to the website. I will think about it.


      We have the impression that we are turning round in the comments exchanges we have with you. What you write is almost always negative and critic and not necessarily constructive nor related to the subjects and examples we give; you keep challenging our editorial line or writing style clearly inducing the idea of fraudulent advertising because otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned this aspect twice. You keep being picky on each and every word we write and keep insisting on your ideal specific vision of entrepreneurship which clearly is not precisely the same that we have. Once again, you are free to have your ideas and you can defend them and express them on your blog (which by the way is empty), but we don’t find it productive nor right for the people we appreciate and write about in our articles to post comments only aiming to repeat the same vision and critics from the beginning or to comment upon the grammar and the style we use. If you want to share with the world your vision of entrepreneurship, all right then, expose it on your blog or write an article in a magazine or newspaper or give a conference, but there is no use and necessity in writing never-ending comments on this matter on an article presenting the launch of a new brand. We don’t know if you take the time to screen all blogs and magazines in Romania that present different initiatives and write comments on all of them stating that they are not innovative or worth mentioning, but we have the impression that you made us an easy target. We are not forcing our content to anyone and we don’t need any assistants to explain the words and style we are using. Our readers are mature enough to do the analysis themselves.
      Also, we don’t intend to debate about entrepreneurship on each and every article we post. If your field of expertise is entrepreneurship and innovation, then we strongly encourage you to find a format on your blog or create events/workshops with interested people, but we kindly invite you to stop forcing your viewpoint on this specific matter on each article we write; it is counterproductive and discouraging for us who do this activity for pleasure and in the end spend a lot of time justifying each and every word or discussing only about entrepreneurship with you, when our blog is not only about this. Thank you for your understanding and in case you want to take this discussion further, we would appreciate you writing an inbox to helloromania1@gmail.com.

  5. I have no problem with taking the discussion to your inbox, but the protocol requires a public response to your last comment. It’s hard to believe that you see no constructive criticism in my comments. It’s disappointing that you even think that I am picky in matters that really require accuracy. It’s disappointing that while you have your own vision about the entrepreneurship you deny me the right to have a different opinion (which is, actually, more accurate than yours), even though you can see that I am right by simply checking the „entrepreneurship” definition on Wikipedia. (That definition comprises the concept of “innovation” expressed in „innovative product, process or service”.) And, just because you want to impose your opinion, you send me to my blog as if this would be the essence of the freedom of expression. What I understand from this is that you publish your view on your blog for the world, but you don’t like the world when it answers back if the world has an opinion which is different from yours. Of course, you appreciate some people and want to promote them and their products as if the world needs them or must appreciate them, but when the world does not have the positive feedback that you expect, you rebuke the world. It’s not true that you are not forcing your content on anyone as long as you make that content public and reject comments. It would be more honest if you told the world that you promote the people and the products that you like and that no comments are allowed. If you want comments for your articles, then you must accept all of them as long as the words used in those comments are decent. Please note that my comments and any other comment, in general, cannot force an opinion on someone, but an article like yours, if it does not allow negative or positive comments, does exactly that: you want others to think what you think. Your last comment proves that. And when did I make comments on the grammar and the style you used?! (Please provide the exact text.) When I said “monopolize” was not the right word, that was not about grammar or style, but about the consistency, as the concept describes a different situation. And if you have in mind the “love brand” (as opposed to “lovemark”), you should have never taken it as a dramatic correction, as the misspelling was not yours and nobody made a big case about that. But you try to use that argument to justify your rebuke and to make people think that I had some kind of inappropriate conduct. (You should let people decide themselves.) If you say that your blog is not about entrepreneurship, the world can admit that, but to say that talking about the concept is not allowed when you say that you want to promote the “Romanian entrepreneurs” is just another proof that you want to reject any disapproving opinion or other opinions that are different from yours. One last thing to mention: I did not suggest that you do fraudulent advertising (see again the text and the meaning). If I see that, I will bring you to my blog, which, by the way, is empty just because I still have to decide some policies. As I have enough experience in writing, I can assure you that the visibility of my blog will be higher than yours based on past results. So be assured that I don’t need to write on your blog or any other blog if I want to share with the world my vision about anything.


    It’s a pity we don’t seem to understand each other.
    We didn’t reject your comments and we provided an answer but when the conversation is not productive anymore and doesn’t bring any interesting and enriching elements to the discussion, we have the right to stop.
    Once again, it’s a pity you don’t understand the overall concept of our website. It’s a pity you don’t perceive the difference between spamming an article in the category “Made in Romania” whose purpose was to present the products of a brand we appreciate and what you call “liberty of expression”, that is to you the right/freedom to criticize and be negative about almost any initiative that does not satisfy YOUR criteria. This is not a forum on entrepreneurship and it is not a political debate nor a competition on whose brand is better and more innovative. The whole discussion about entrepreneurship was started by you, we provided you with an answer which was not satisfying for you because apparently, according to you only, you have higher knowledge and your point of view is more important. So be it if this makes you happy 🙂 Good luck with the definition of the policies for your blog and we wish you all the best ! No problem if your visibility as you put it will be higher, we won’t be jealous ! There is enough room under sun (and on the web) for everybody 😉 ! Cheers !

  7. It’s okay! Even if you were not on the point, I liked your tone. I will not continue this debate because, as odd as it may seem, I want you to be happy, too. And I have also good news. My blog is not empty anymore. Today it’s about lovemarks – the new blind love.

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