“Colours of my life” : quality prints and leather items made in Romania

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“Colours of my life” by Anca Ștefănescu. Quality prints and leather items made in Romania

In the past few years, there have been lots of money invested in Romania, most of them coming from abroad. Indeed, many successful foreign companies have opened offices & shops or have bought goods of all sorts in Romania. Brands like Bombardier, Renault, IKEA, Sephora, Carrefour, Decathlon, H&M, Esthée Lauder, L’Oréal, Yves Rocher, Zara, McDonald’s, KFC, Société Générale, Lidl, Danone, Procter & Gamble, Bata etc. are present all over the country. So many foreigners have invested or purchased national companies that today, in many cities, it is easier to bump into international brands than Romanian companies. International giants have taken over the market and therefore the local initiatives have a very low visibility.

As a result of globalization, international products have become the standard for all of us. Few people and institutions sustain the local production and initiatives. Romanian entrepreneurs, with limited financial possibilities compared to the well-known successful multinational companies, are rather disregarded and almost never encouraged or promoted. Buying local applies especially to the least processed food products but not at all to other product categories.

However, Romanian entrepreneurs exist and they try hard to develop different activities and beautiful high-quality products made in Romania. Because it is possible to do this in Romania: there are competent and hard-working people, good ideas & projects and the will to make the country evolve. Nonetheless, for the time being, these initiatives don’t benefit from a considerable financial support. Local entrepreneurs, currently in a period of effervescence, do not have the opportunity to open huge physical stores in the city center, even if their work and talent deserve to be appreciated and promoted.

About “Colours of my life”

colours of my life

anca stefanescu si scristian stefanescu colours of my life“Colours of my life” is a Romanian brand recently created by a very sensitive and beautiful couple, composed of Anca Ştefănescu (known until recently under the name Ignătescu) and her husband, Cristian Ştefănescu.

Anca, with a strong experience in visual and fine arts, as well as advertising and with a very artistic way of being & living, is head of graphics and design. She creates unique models of print-outs / graphics that are very colorful, lively and inspired by nature.

Cristian, with a background in business development, is in charge of management, production, purchases and all logistical aspects.

Starting September 15th 2015, the two will be selling exclusively online at first premium leather items and prints, with no compromise on quality.

details colours of my lifeThese luxury products are made with the utmost care, using a special printing technique that prevents leather from easily getting a patinated look. The couple purchases materials of exceptional quality in the places where they are renowned. They are then meticulously assembled in Romania, under the demanding eyes of the founders who pay special attention to the entire production process and all final touches.

As the name indicates it, “Colors of my life” is an emotional brand with the soul of its creators in it,. The brand offers different colors and forms that are inspiring and cheerful. Its purpose is to be different, to distinguish itself from other rather neutral and commercial brands. To help people stand out in a crowd thanks to the premium items with an artistic, creative look.

The products are sold in limited edition. Indeed, each leather item is thought as a piece of art in itself and will be signed by the designer Anca Ștefănescu. In addition, the graphics names will appear on the products. This way, buyers will know exactly how many pieces have been sold before that purchase and how many are left. Thus, over the years, the products will still be valuable and could be sold on the vintage market. Also, Anca’s prints will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in accordance with the original.

For the time being, the “Colours of my life” collection includes :

– different bag models and designsleather bags colours of my lifeleather belts with a personalized messagebelts colours of my lifenotebook covers (for Moleskine agendas) accompanied by an inspiring phrase

agende notebooks colours of my life


bracelets colours of my life

small gifts (Smartphone accessories, bookmarks, magnets)

small gifts colours of my life

prints on paper or cloth

tablou print colours of my life

– wallets

wallets portofele colours of my life

– T-shirts.

tshirt colours of my life

In the future, the brand will continue to grow and the range of products will be extended to unique leather collars for dogs, products for children (T-shirts and backpacks), and possibly to a home deco line for interior design with print-outs on unconventional materials and collections of unique furniture pieces.

In the meantime however, you can buy the products on the online shop Colors of my life. And we hope that soon they will also be available in physical stores in Bucharest and in all European capitals (Paris, London, Rome, …).

Good tailwind, Anca and Cristian !


*Website : www.coloursofmylife.co.uk // Facebook : Colours of my life  

The Romanian version here

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