Moldavians are beautiful, aren`t they ?

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Moldavian women are beautiful, aren`t they ?

In a world where careers are more important than people, true values hardly find a place. We are craving for stunning CVs, for money and popularity, management jobs, social recognition or a big number of Facebook likes. But we forget what`s more important… to be humans.Presentation1

I met Andreea years ago, when we were both studying at the Artistic High-school in Botoșani. Her steps were heading towards an artistic career, towards graphic and painting when, suddenly, her life took a totally different direction: she became a successful model. She also graduated the Advertising University and now, in between the breaks from photo sessions, she`s studying medicine, another challenge for her. Although she has a life that many girls are dreaming of – posing for magazines and having photo sessions – Andreea wasn`t so impressed by these things. For her, it is more important to graduate the “school of life”.  She`s not impressed with divas, sophisticated clothes nor Breakfest Channel. For her love is more important and is part of our “weapons“.

10150075_766934996663977_1423446411_nAndreea, it has been said that the fashion world is tough. Did you encounter any difficulties? You managed to impose yourself from the beginning.

Andreea Prodan: “My today`s lesson is the love for each other. It is harder than math, as 1 plus 1 often equal more than 2.  I thought it is easy to be a human. But what happens when it gets complicated? What is the use of X, Y or Z? I have always been confused by the unknown and I never wanted to question the grade of the problem. I always respected my principles and I didn`t accept any compromises.

The fashion world is not only about milk and honey: you meet so many girls with high standards but who don`t even have the school of life, having a chemical composition made of cold selfishness. Obviously, they are incompatible with me! I know what to give and take, to enjoy the beautiful from others.”

Appearances on magazines` covers, photo sessions, fashion… most girls must have dreamed about this at least once. For you, this is now part of your daily life. Can you tell us which are the pros and cons of a modeling career?

Andreea Prodan: “This is true. There are many beautiful girls out there but when it comes to making a difference, each one`s personality together with the intelligence and the will to succeed play a more important role. One of the advantages of modeling, apart from the  good earnings and trips to dream places, is the fact that you can create beautiful friendships. All of us are becoming more mature at an earlier age than our friends but at the same time we are getting an unique life experience.

When it comes to disadvantages, I must say that in this industry all the models have an extremely busy schedule, with up to 10 castings a day, fittings, photo sessions and fashion shows. They have to get up really early, they are traveling a lot, they are far from home and of course, they need to take care of themselves. “

How`s like the fashion world in Romania? How are Romanian women seen in this industry?

Andreea Prodan: “In Romania, for many people, fashion is just a hobby. Many girls accept to work for free in order to have the chance to be in a fashion show and of course, the customers take advantage of this. That is why we can see so many ‘dozen models’. We have so many beautiful girls but, unfortunately, they are promoted by the wrong people. Modeling in Romania is not done as it is supposed to.”

10178197_766940119996798_221568422_nWhich are your most important projects?

Andreea Prodan: “There have been many important projects but here are some that meant something more for me : the calendars and catalogs from Piera lingerie, Jolidon, L’oreal Professionnel, magazines such as Elle, Joy, Unica, Bolero, Rumours, Guara brand, Nelly, Nail Art by Lore, L’avenue, Flo&Jo etc.”

10152978_766936276663849_1860945288_nFor which agencies are you working for ?                    

Andreea Prodan: “I am collaborating with some Romanian agencies, as well as some foreign agencies but I am a freelancer most of the time.

You had studied art in the past… is it still a passion for you?

Andreea Prodan: “Yes, of course… Art will always be a passion for me. “

A soul place in Romania, where you can connect with yourself ?

Andreea Prodan: “My soul place is the town where I spent my whole childhood, Botoșani. Although it is a really  small town, the day still has 24 hours and Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December. I fondly remember the days when I was studying in the Arts High-school here and how hard it was for me to leave everything to go to the Advertising University in Cluj.”                                  

A sweet memory ?

Andreea Prodan: “The most beautiful memory is the childhood period, the moments spent with my mother, who I owe everything. She is so important to me… I get emotional only when I think about her. I cannot say a word anymore, the sound is trapped into my body …”

Any future plans ?

Andreea Prodan: “I really wish to graduate the school of ‘life the way it is’!  I wish I could move to Sweden with my fiancé and live happily ever after <3 ‘. Regarding my career, I am currently studying medicine, slowly but surely, starting a new challenging chapter of my life.”


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