About femininity and shoes

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About femininity and shoes

There’s a saying: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” but I have some doubts about this.

Please let me explain:

I am not saying I disagree with the fact that women love diamonds, that they are amazing gifts which suit them perfectly and make them feel exceptional. No. But I believe that women also have other best friends: shoes. A woman seems somehow incomplete without the matching shoes. Shoes help women act as women, impose an attitude, a style, walk in a certain manner, express who she is.

Besides, today luxury, status and self esteem are no longer nourished by a person’s capacity to buy the exact products as one’s role model or public figure. No. For many women, today, luxury is defined by their ability to appear as unique human beings, to have the will to be different, by their ability to express their own personality and not copy others. Today, an increasing number of women opt for and prefer buying small or niche brands created by a young generation of artists who offer products in limited editions, products that are rare, have a particular and recognizable style.


The brand created by Coca Zaboloteanu fits perfectly the above description. It is created by a woman who is both sensitive and strong. In her words exactly: “I am a creative person, passioned about beauty and I had the chance to do what I love. I found a lot of joy in my work. The story of my shoes was created with passion, hard work, patience, dedication, persistence, an endless search for beauty and 100% commitment to the business.”

Her shoes, thanks to their original touch, have seduced many women in Romania and abroad. They are highly qualitative, have a string fantasy touch and can fit any situation: “The shoes Coca Zaboloteanu are useful and they can be used in everyday life, which is my purpose. In addition to that, they invite you into a relaxed, beautiful and creative world, they make you smile, bring you joy and encourage self expression, freedom. I am very happy when I see women wearing my shoes on the streets, at the office, etc. They are very feminine, versatile and easy to wear.”

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These shoes target fashionistas, women that pay attention to detail and have a casual but bold look, women who are not afraid of being themselves and expressing it out loud.

pantofi-coca-zaboloteanu-2 pantofi-coca-zaboloteanu-3


If you want to know more about the brand and its recent product launches or order a pair of shoes, please follow the team on their Facebook page or pay a visit to their website www.cocazaboloteanu.ro. Coca Zaboloteanu has several surprises for you in the future: “I will focus more on the shoes collection, I am currently working on opening an even more welcoming showroom and I also intend to launch a range of dresses sometimes in the future.”

Stay tuned!


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