I’m Romanian – Marinela

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I’m Romanian – Marinela

I am Marinela, but I answer to several different nicknames. People call me “Mari”, “Zamfir”, “Marlene” or “Marlenski”. I was born in a very small town in the county of Mehedinți, I grew up in Drobeta Turnu Severin and the city of Timişoara adopted me in 2003.

I am the cofounder of the brand Crazy Donut, Coffee & More. And in my spare time I would like to be a surprising lover, a caring sister, a lovely daughter and a trustworthy friend.

Although at first sight I am a Cartesian person, I actually love chaos. I like the unpredictable and people who are creative and have fresh ideas and perspectives. My motto could easily be “Create order out of chaos”. I find inspiration all around me, I like taking on challenges, I love optimistic people and our chocolate donuts.

As all Romanian people or as all Romanians originary from Olt county, I am extremely ambitious. I always have millions of ideas. Unfortunately though, I can’t develop all of them.

I am very proud to be Romanian. I love Romania for its traditions and customs, for its beautiful mountains. It teaches us that everything is possible. It prepares us for harsh moments since we are young and this distinguishes us, Romanians, from other nations in Europe and around the world.


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O viziune modernă a României, cu povești fascinante, peisaje frumoase, idei interesante și oameni care inspiră. Un loc unde oricare dintre noi se poate regăsi, în care România e văzută fără retuşuri : frumoasǎ, fascinantǎ, primitoare, superficialǎ, indiferentǎ sau paradoxalǎ. O schiță a României de azi.