Laura Chiriță talks about women and fashion in Romania

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Talking about women and fashion in Romania with Laura Chiriță, a young talented fashion designer

Femininity is characterized by a set of features and attributes that women have and expose in different contexts and manners, with more or less sensuality. A woman can present herself to the world under several lights: as a particularly feminine and sweet human being or as a powerful and confident creature. To do so, she uses her attitude and personal skills, but she can also use helpful tools like make-up and clothes. Indeed, the clothing universe offers a wide variety of choices to all women out there who can choose what side of their character they want to expose.

Although the textile industry is running not so bad in Romania nowadays, many international brands and firms manufacturing their items in Romania, the fashion design industry is not a strong Romanian asset even if young and ambitious designers do their best to improve this aspect. Since recently, the local Romanian population has started to no longer be satisfied with the universal uniform imposed by Zara or H&M and people tend to prefer to develop their own personal style, to wear unique and authentic clothes that encourage the development of the local economy instead of opting for made in China, made in Bangladesh, etc. Today less is more and the glam-chic touch is well rated. Romanian women tend to prefer the label made in Romania and the local fashion industry.

To learn more about the vision of the new generation regarding fashion in Romania, please read below our interview with Laura Chiriță, a hopeful and ambitious fashion designer who has recently opened a fashion boutique in Timişoara.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

A mix of a fashion designer and a PR specialist, an animal lover and volunteer.

What do you do in life, since when and why?

I am into fashion since I can remember, because I love the power of clothes and because of my grandmother who was a seamstress and taught me a lot about fabrics and tailoring. But I started working as a professional fashion designer with a business, a studio and a website a year ago, after graduating my masters in fashion design.

How’s Romania standing at the chapter “fashion design”?

Romania is definitely improving in the fashion design market because every year new designers come up with fresh ideas and Romanian women become more and more interested in buying clothing made in Romania, with a unique  authentic design, produced in limited series. Fast fashion brands offer them uniforms and they no longer necessarily reflect their personal tastes.

What fashion style do Romanian women like?

Sober, minimalistic pieces with a twist of glam.

What are the fashion trends in Romania nowadays?

Fashion trends, globally, not just in Romania are very subjective and short-term. An Instagram post from a celebrity can initiate or put an end to a fashion trend in a matter of minutes-hours. So I would rather grow a sense of style, rather than guiding my fashion sense around trends.

Where do you find inspiration?

I get my inspiration from all sorts of places: from nature, from travels, from my clients feedback, from a certain color/shape that I can develop into a full collection.

The keys to success in the fashion industry today in Romania?

A lot of hard work, commitment, focus, the right promotion on the right platforms, online presence.

What is special about your designs and what is your target?

My designs have a bit of me in them, and I guess that’s what makes each brand special. They have a drop of hand embroidery, unexpected details, or an elegance that’s trendy and unique in its own way.

The story of your most recent collection?

My most recent collection it’s my FW16-17 one, called “Black&Gold”. It’s inspired by the magic of winter nights and it is offers cocktail and evening elegant pieces, made with luxurious fabrics, in black and gold tones.

Where can people find your clothing items?

On my website (which is currently being upgraded), on my Facebook Page and in my studio located in Timişoara.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to improve and widen my distribution system and be sold in several Romanian  fashion shops, both physical and online. 

I also intend to develop a bridal/ luxury custom made collection.

You can find out more about Laura by discovering her self-portrait here.


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